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Jun 18, 2022
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At present, the APPs in the entertainment industry on the market are roughly divided into several categories: video, audio, reading, and comics. Whatsapp Database 100% of these entertainment industry APPs have opened the automatic renewal business - yes, that is the first month's low price "cheating" (guiding) you to become a member, then you forget to cancel the contract, or you don't know what you have opened. , and the "artifact of saving money" with Kakaka. Just Whatsapp Database imagined that if all users are automatically renewing members and cannot cancel the contract, the retention rate of members will be 100%. Of course, when you gain 100% retention, you will also gain another thing - damn it. You son of a bitch. Although most APPs have gradually begun to focus their membership on annual fees (as well as cross-industry cooperation), auto-renewal orders are Whatsapp Database still an important part that cannot be ignored. First, we can roughly disassemble the order into the following three parts: orders generated by interception, orders generated by activities, and orders generated by Whatsapp Database automatic renewal. The order generated by interception is the architectural design of the APP paid membership, which often consists of two parts: the core part + the value-added part, we will focus on this part. 02 Intercept the order Blocking, as the name suggests, is what users want to do, but you block what users don’t want to do for free. 2.1 Core Interception The core part of interception is the most basic needs of users. Users download your APP and register successfully. What are they doing? Or according to the four industries of video, audio, reading, and comics: whether you are watching videos, listening to songs, or reading novels and comics, the content Whatsapp Database seems to have been divided into two categories: free, paid, And you use these apps just to watch the content you like, and the content is an absolute moat. Of course, each industry has made different types of payment types for content resources. For example, for music, there are paid for singles, paid for Whatsapp Database albums, and paid by members; videos, paid by members, and the “advance-on-demand” that has been making a lot of noise before, all make a fuss about the content. You look for it, hey, this content is interesting and exciting. In the midst of this excitement, a big hand is holding you down. No, brother, you have to pay to watch it.
The Key Indicators of Whatsapp Database content media

zzz aaa

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